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Wooden Pull Along Lion

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Tooky Toy's Pull Along Lion is a delightful and educational playmate tailor-made for young children. With its endearing lion design and smoothly rolling wheels, this toy is perfectly suited for toddlers learning to walk. The Lion's fixed leash at the front allows children to grasp it securely, creating a heartwarming scene as it faithfully trails behind, spreading joy and laughter.

Beyond its playfulness, the Pull Along Lion serves as a valuable educational tool, aiding in the development of vital skills like hand-eye coordination and early walking abilities. Crafted from FSC certified timber, the toy reflects a commitment to responsible sourcing, promoting both environmental and social values.

Parents can take comfort in the fact that this toy is adorned with child-safe, non-toxic paint, ensuring a wholesome and secure play experience. Its robust construction ensures durability, capable of withstanding the energetic play of young children while facilitating physical and cognitive growth. The Pull Along Lion is not only an entertaining companion but also a fantastic choice for parents seeking to foster their child's development in a safe and enjoyable way.



LION size approx. 10.5cmL x 5cmWx10cmH

String 50cm long