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Tooth Fairy Kit

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Our Tooth Fairy Kit is designed to celebrate the milestone of kids loosing their baby teeth (yes, after all the pain of getting them!). From 6-7 years, those baby teeth start to fall out and make way for permanent teeth and our Tooth Fairy kit makes it's a little extra special for your child.

From the First Tooth certificate, including the official gold seal of the Tooth Fairy and an encouraging message, to the Tooth Fairy receipts, rating current cleaning habits to encourage well-looked after permanent teeth, this kit is sure to make the Tooth Fairy's visit an exciting experience. All centred around the cotton calico pouch, for children to tuck teeth in and slip under the pillow, waiting for the Tooth Fairy's arrival.

Each kit has been exclusively designed by us and contains:

  • First Tooth certificate featuring the official gold foil 'Tooth Fairy' seal
  • Cotton Calico pouch - ready for your child to leave their tooth under their pillow (and perfect to store those teeth when it's all done)
  • 6x Tooth Fairy receipts to leave in the calico bag (with a coin or two) when teeth are collected.