Tooletries The 4-in-1 Tiles - Charcoal

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A tool wall for your toiletries

This pack gives you a bit of everything. In fact, you might call it a storage sampler. Indeed, with this fab four adorning your shower wall, you’ve got your entire grooming routine at your fingertips. In other words, you’ll be set to mount toothbrushes of all sizes, secure your razor safely, hang items of up to 2.2kg, and never lose your nail clippers again. How’s that for unmatched convenience?
*Body Scrubber not included

1x Arnold Hook 7 x 7cm
1x Mason Razor Holder 7 x 7cm
1x George Toothbrush Rack 7 x 7cm
1x Archer Magnet Tile 7 x 7cm
*Body Scrubber not included

The Surface Guide:


✅ Mirror

✅ Shiny Tiles

✅ Shiny Marble

✅ Shiny Fibreglass

✅ Gloss Finished Metal (Fridge)

❌ Wood

❌ Unglazed Tiles

❌ Concrete

❌ Prefabricated Fibreglass

❌ Fibreboard/Plasterboard

❌ Textured/Uneven Tiles

❌ Mosaic Tiles