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Sprinkles and Adventure Sugar Fairy Bow Set

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The Sprinkles and Adventure Bow Set (Set of 3) are Handmade with faux leather in pebble, and glitter fabric The Bow Sets are perfect for newborns and can match any outfit with the combination of 

🎀 The Lola Bow 

(4 x 1 inches long approx)

🎀 The Butterfly Bow

(2 1/2 x 1 inches long approx)

🎀 The Coco Bow

(3 x 1 1/4 inches long approx)

The Bows come attached to a soft nude nylon headband. Sprinkles and Adventure guarantee that all their headbands are made of the softest nylon making them suitable for your little ones head.

*All items are sent via Registered Post in Australia Only

*Sizes may vary slightly due to it being Handmade.  

*Please note the Colour may vary slightly due to pixelation. 

*Do not leave your child unattended while wearing any accessories.