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Sage Multi-Use Cover

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The Sage Luxe Multi-Use Cover is elegant on all mums and is designed to be an accessory to your everyday outfit. Plus the buttery soft, ultra stretchable breathable bamboo fabric makes it the best multi-use cover on the market.


  • Capsule cover
  • Bassinet / pram cover
  • Breastfeeding / express pumping cover
  • Shopping trolley cover
  • Highchair cover
  • Wrap/blanket 
  • Infinity scarf


  • Easy access to the capsule handle  
  • Breastfeed with confidence with full coverage - Make your breastfeeding experience more comfortable and less stressful. Breastfeed your baby anywhere, anytime, conveniently with full privacy, you no longer have to worry about exposing yourself or your little one getting distracted. The stretchy bamboo fabric allows you to easily access your baby while nursing to ensure a good latch or for any other adjustments.
  • Shopping trolley cover - Protect your little one from touching those nasty germs hanging out on the shopping trolley handles and seat and give yourself peace of mind when out shopping. 
  • Highchair cover - who feels squirmish when you see dried bits of food and whatever that unknown substance is on public highchairs! Protect your little one from all the germs and from touching the last childs leftover crumbs when using the Multi-Use Cover as a highchair cover. 
  • Bamboo fabric-  Made from premium 95% Bamboo Oeko-Tex 100 Certified & 5% spandex fabric. Which means all our fabric has been tested and is free from harmful chemicals and dyes. Which makes it the perfect choice for your baby’s delicate skin.
  • Universal fit - Our design along with the 4 way stretch bamboo fabric means our cover will fit almost all models of, capsules, prams, high chairs and shopping trolleys. It gives breastfeeding and pumping mums easy access to see your baby and help attach while feeding.
  • Soft & breathable- The silky lightweight nature of bamboo is known for its ability to breathe. The wide opening at the top ensures your capsule is not fully covered to allow safe airflow with the ability to adjust your cover for different levels of coverage. 
  • Protection- Protect your baby from unwanted onlookers and those nasty germs when out and about.
  • Protects from the elementsBamboo has the unique quality of helping to protect from harmful UV rays, there is no other natural fibres used for textiles that has this very useful property. When out and about our cover will also protect your little one from the glaring sun, rain and chilly winds.

  • Convenient and compact- Our cover is compact when folded for convenient storage and takes up little precious storage space in your nappy bag.

Fabric Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified 95% Bamboo and 5% spandex fabric.