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Glam Body One Million Body Scrub 250ml

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Our FOR THE BOYS, Inspired by One Million Body Scrub is one of our coarse scrubs and can help make skin softer, cleaner and overall restore coarse gritty dead skin. It is also great at helping remove grease from your skin. 

It is all natural and cruelty free with no added preservatives. 
Fragrance is rich and enticing this scent has citrusy top notes of mandarin, lemon and bergamot with a touch of mint.  The hear has warming tones of amber, cinnamon and black pepper with a raunchy base of vanilla, cedarwood, leather and patchouli.

Ingredients  Sucrose, sea salt, pumice stone exfoliant, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond) oil, glycerine oil, fragrance

How to use? Scoop desired amount of scrub from jar and add water (add water to your hand not in the jar) by adding water it helps your scrub spread, you can use your body scrub as many times as you like although we do recommend 2-3 times per week as it helps remove dead skin cells whilst hydrating your new skin leaving it glowing and fresh. It has many uses such as exfoliating before shaving, removing dry dead skin, removing fake tan, hydrating skin the list goes on 

Storage Once opened this product will last approximately 2-3 months if stored correctly and kept in a cool dry space, ensure to seal and keep product out of water to keep product fresh.

This is a home made product and can vary slightly in colour and texture. One of the main ingredients in our products is coconut oil, if your product has gone a little bit hard that is the coconut oil solidifying in the cold, warm your product sightly and it will soften.

Please take care as some oils may be slippery underfoot. Always patch test all of our products before use to see if a reaction occurs. If there are, immediately stop using.