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Christmas Bath Bombs

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These Christmas Bath Bombs are a great gift for everyone!

Whether its a Kris Kringle gift or a stocking filler we have several different designs/scents you can choose from!


Available in 7 different designs:


Christmas Unicorn

Gingerbread Man

Christmas Koala

Father Christmas


Christmas Tree


 Handcrafted with love!

How to use: Fill the tub with warm water to your desired level, unwrap and gently place the bath bomb in. Now get in, treat yourself to the luxury you deserve!
For the best bathing experience, ensure that your bath is clean & free of any soap scum & build up that colours may stick to. We test all our bath bombs to ensure you have the best experience with no worries!

Enter & exit the tub with care. Some oils may make the surface slippery. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not ingest water. Avoid holding the bath bomb whilst activating to avoid staining on skin.
All products are handcrafted, colours may slightly differ from picture.